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Guan Chong Berhad (GCB) was incorporated in Malaysia as a public listed company on 22nd March 2004. GCB is an investment holding company, started with 3 subsidiaries namely, Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturer (GCCM), Guan Chong Trading (GCT) and Enrich Mix (EM). The Group is principally involved in the manufacturing of cocoa-derived food ingredients, namely cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder. To date, the Group has diversified their business from producing cocoa – derived food ingredients to the consumer downstream.

The Group’s history started in early 1980’s which was principally involved in trading of cocoa beans. In 1983, it started processing cocoa beans by setting up a factory in Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor. In 1990, with the vision to become a market leader in the local cocoa processing industry, the management sold the plant in Parit Jawa and built a new plant in the Pasir Gudang Industrial area under the Group subsidiary, Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd.

Initially, the new plant started off with about 6000mt of bean grinding and through years of upgrading and the spirit of continuous improvement, today, Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturer is proud to be one of the top cocoa processors in Malaysia with the capacity touching 80,000mt. Our cocoa products gained wide acceptance from both local & international market.
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Cocoa Butter is a natural and edible fat present in cocoa beans.

Its unique physical and chemical properties such as the melting point, aroma and flavour are not only advantageous to food but also to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Furthermore, it is one of the most expensive commodity-based vegetable fats available.

Cocoa butter can be used as a raw ingredient for chocolate, confectionery fillings, cosmetics and skin care products.

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Scam Alert

It has recently brought to our attention that there are irresponsible part promoting online investment at Bursa Malaysia and promising unrealistic high returns by using the name of Guan Chong Berhad ("GCB") shares on a purported investment known as "National Cocoa Investment".

GCB are not in anyway involved or affiliated with the purported investment. GCB has never authorized any company / organization / establishment to promote the purported investments.

Members of the public are advised to ignore messages / call / emails promoting the purported investment. GCB shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the purported investment.

GCB shres ae traded only on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE).
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