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Our Commitment

We are committed to making a conscious and concerted effort to embrace cocoa sustainability, partnering with stakeholders in the whole cocoa supply chain to secure the future supply of cocoa and ensure a thriving sustainable cocoa sector.

Our sustainability programme “Good Cocoa & Beyond”,  aptly named to mirror our company name GCB Cocoa, shows our commitment in putting sustainability at the core of what we do. Our four pillars of sustainability outline the various aspects of sustainability that we are focusing on to realise our commitment.

Our goal is to achieve
100% Traceable cocoa by
2025, and 100%
Traceable and
Sustainable cocoa by
2030 from GCB
direct cocoa bean
sourcing network.
Traceable cocoa: cocoa that can be traced up to farm level.
Traceable and Sustainable cocoa: the cocoa we source is produced according to internationally recognised sustainability standards, which include mapping, traceability, and addressing child labour and deforestation concerns.
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