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CEO Message

For over forty years, we have grown into a thriving business and a preferred supplier of industry-defining cocoa ingredients for world-class taste buds.

From our humble beginnings as small cocoa traders with less than 10,000 metric ton volume in Muar in the 1980s, our hard work, determination, and ingenuity enable us to stand tall as Asia’s largest cocoa processor today, with capacity of 250,000 metric ton. Not only that, we are also recognized as one of the world’s top 5 players, supporting globally-renowned producers of chocolate and other foods and beverages.

What makes us unique?

We are always up for a challenge: being innovative in creating new flavours, developing bolder colour profiles, and enhancing methodologies. Our people-first approach emboldens and empowers employees to strive for excellence, helping GCB to reach new heights and forming a complete value chain.

After establishing ourselves as the biggest player in not just Malaysia, but also in Asia, we took a bold leap and embarked on an exponential expansion globally. We now have presence in Indonesia, USA, Cote D'lvoire, and Germany, in our quest to stamp our mark in the international arena.

We are also whole-heartedly embracing sustainability, by implementing energy-efficient practices in our operations, minimizing waste across our facilities, and ensuring traceable and sustainable cocoa sourcing. To achieve this, we will source for certified cocoa, embark on our own cocoa sustainability programme, and partner with various key industry players to safeguard cocoa for the future.

The last 40 years have showcased our resilience as we rode all the ups-and-downs in the industry. We not only survived, but also thrived; emerging as one of the largest players in the world today. To my GCB family - our employees, suppliers, business associates,  and customers, we made this all possible, we thank you for your enduring support and look forward to bringing you along on our journey to the top.
Be happy, with A Rich Cocoa in you.
Be Happy, with A Rich Cocoa in you
Brandon Tay
CEO, Guan Chong Berhad
GCB Group
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