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Our Cocoa Sustainability Committee (CSC) involves staff from key departments including Trading and Origin Operations, which manages the cocoa bean supply chain, especially origin country operations of procurement and sustainability; Marketing, which communicates closely with customers to understand their needs and the industry's; and Quality Control, which ensures food safety and product quality.
The Cocoa Sustainability Committee (CSC) is made up of five teams that work closely together to ensure the successful implementation of our sustainability programme.
The Promotion & Communication team
The Promotion & Communication team is in charge of all internal and external communication as well as ensuring the successful implementation of a sustainable cocoa supply action plan.
The Origin Operation team
The Origin Operation team ensures sustainable supply chain operations in the origin countries.
The Customer Care and Service team
The Customer Care and Service team focuses on communicating customers’ cocoa sustainability requirements to the rest of the team.
The Quality and Certification Assurance teams
The Promotion & Communication teams work to comply with the sustainability requirements following the commitment to our customers.
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