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Meet the Team

Our CSR Committee comprises of committed individuals from various departments in our organization to plan, implement and report our CSR activities. The Committee consists of 5 main Subcommittees responsible for different areas of CSR, led by a CSR Planning Committee and CSR Board Committee.

CSR Committee


Board Committee
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Independent Director
Planning Committee
Employee Care
Community Care
Green Care
Good Cocoa & Beyond
The CSR Planning Committee oversees the work of the various subcommittees and facilitates communication between the Committees and the Board.

The Compliance team provides guidance to other committees in reporting and ensures that CSR related activities are reported accurately and according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standards.

The Employee Care team spearheads the activities under our ‘Happy Employees’ pillar, which include promoting employees’ mental health and physical wellbeing, workplace safety, gender equality and career development.

The Community Care team leads the activities under our ‘Thriving Communities’ pillar, which include promoting the health, wellbeing and education of the community through community involvement activities.

The Green Care team leads the activities under our ‘Happy Planet’ pillar, which include promoting environmentally sustainable businesses practices throughout the organization to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The Good Cocoa and Beyond team is responsible for ensuring sustainably and responsibly sourced cocoa from cocoa origin countries, and implementing cocoa sustainability programmes in cocoa origin countries according to GCB’s strategy and focus.
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