Collaboration with Canon: Supporting the Children of Guru Shree Raghavendra Charity Home

22 Apr 2021
April 2021
Thriving Communities
Extending support to vulnerable communities amidst COVID-19: GCB’s donation to The Food Bank Singapore
 In the true spirit of aiding the community, GCB Cocoa engaged the Guru Shree Raghavendra Charity Home to help provide operational relief. In collaboration with Canon, GCB Cocoa donated a multi-functional device to the Home.
Situated in Kulaijaya, Johor Malaysia, the Home has a total of 41 children aged between 2 to 17 years old, who are orphaned and abandoned. The Home aims to improve the lives of these children by providing essential needs, education, love and care.

GCB Cocoa spoke to the Home to uncover four areas in need of aid. Subsequently, GCB provided a wall-mounted sanitiser, a hand dryer, funding for renovation works as well as a Canon multi-functional device (3-in-1 copy, print and scan machine) gifted in collaboration with Canon.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about higher expenditures for the home to facilitate online-based education and the device was a great help to the Home in facilitating the children’s education.
Being a business partner of Canon Marketing Malaysia, the multi-functional device was provided complimentary and made possible with Canon’s support. This enabled the children of the home to make photocopies of textbooks and exercise notes to supplement their E-Learning during the pandemic.

A member of the GCB CSR Committee along with a Canon technician visited the home to train the Home in operating the multi-functional device.
Extending support to vulnerable communities amidst COVID-19: GCB’s donation to The Food Bank Singapore
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Similar to GCB Cocoa’s commitment to social responsibility, Canon believes in helping those who are in need as part of its corporate philosophy Kyosei, to balance the needs of the community and environment with its business interests and working for the good and betterment of all. At GCB Cocoa, it is also our wish to care beyond cocoa to be a socially responsible company, empowering employees, supporting communities, protecting our planet, and sourcing sustainable cocoa. Combined, these values allow us to join forces with a common goal to give back to our society.

Further updates on the Charity Home renovations will be posted on Our CSR Website.