GCB was initially established in cocoa ingredients process with annual capacity of 1,200 MT
GCB expanded its processing capacity to 11,000 MT per annum
GCB moved to Pasir Gudang Industrial Park with annual processing capacity of 6,000 MT
"Favorich" was created and trademark was registered
GCB expanded capacity to about 48,000 MT per annum
GCB installed second processing line and achieved over 32,000 MT
GCB was incorporated as a Public Company in the main board of Malaysia Bursa

GCB established incorporated subsidiary in Delaware, USA
GCB achieved an annual production capacity of 60,000 MT

Beverage Division was incorporated to produce chocolate and chocolate beverages and trademark of "CocoaRich" and "Melko" were registered

GCB ventured into retail sectors for its chocolate and chocolate beverages

GCB acquired 90% of industrial chocolate division
GCB acquired 49% stake in Carlyle Cocoa, a limited liability company formed in Delaware, USA which provides cake grinding capabilities and market access of USA
GCB achieved bean grinding capacity of 80,000 MT per annum in Pasir Gudang

GCB established incorporated subsidiary in Singapore to focus on procurement, marketing and trading activities for both cocoa production plant in Pasir Gudang and Batam

GCB established 2nd bean grinding factory in Batam, Indonesia with total capacity of 140,000 MT
GCB invested 55% share in GCB Gourmet
GCB expanded second line of bean grinding in Batam to total 200,000 MT

GCB expanded its industrial chocolate production capacity at PTP to 10,000 MT

GCB acquired the remaining 51% equity interest in Carlyle Cocoa

GCB established incorporated subsidiary in Tangerang, Jakarta as a distributor to sell cocoa products to the Indonesian market
GCB invested in SMC Food 21 (Malaysia) with annual capacity of 48,000 MT
GCB acquired Koko Budi and officially renamed to GCB Cocoa Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Carlyle Cocoa acquired asset of Cocoa Service East in New Jersey, a cocoa butter and cocoa mass (cocoa liquor) melting facility
GCB entered joint venture agreement with Fuji Oil to cooperate to manage industrial chocolate business
GCB upgraded GCB Cocoa Malaysia annual capacity to 50,000 MT