Roll out Sustainability Initiatives in Other Origin Countries

Future Developments

Our aim is to expand the scope of Good Cocoa & Beyond and the number of farmers involved to better support farmers and their communities.

We will continue to step up our efforts across our four sustainability pillars to improve the effectiveness of our programmes. These include the project scope, project status and future planned projects in various origin countries.
Farm Productivity

Farm Productivity

We will continue to improve farm productivity, which is essential to achieving our goal of increasing cocoa production and farmer income while reducing forest encroachment.

Actions to increase farm productivity include:
  • Training farmers on Good Agricultural Practices
  • Introducing soil fertility and integrated pest management practices
  • Improving planting material
  • Supporting farm rehabilitation
Community Development

Community Development

Our plan for the future:
Contribute to the establishment of active women’s associations
It is important to safeguard the rights of both children and women in order to create a higher level of socio-economic development in cocoa-growing communities and mitigate child labor. This may be done through farmer group administrative and management activities, training, and income-generating activities for women.
Improve the infrastructure in origin countries 
A lack of infrastructure can hinder the development and progress of numerous cocoa-growing communities. In order to improve such circumstances, we may refurnish schools and healthcare facilities as well as improve roads.


Roll out Sustainability Initiatives in Other Origin Countries

When we successfully implement the sustainability programme in Côte d’Ivoire, we will consider implementing Good Cocoa & Beyond programmes in other origin countries, including other African countries, Indonesia, and South American countries. This will benefit even more farmers, families, and communities, thus ensuring a more sustainable future for cocoa.