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Tradition & Innovation
Established in 1923, SCHOKINAG has been manufacturing chocolates since more than 90 years and is now recognized as one of the key manufacturers of industrial chocolates in Europe.SCHOKINAG, previously a family-owned business and under new ownership today, has come back to its entrepreneurial structure. Our investment decisions are driven by long-term benefits to our company, our employees and the environment. SCHOKINAG – a name standing for highest product quality, good value for money and excellence in customer service.

Our Mission

  We serve our customers in a long-term partnership by offering them the flexibility and attention typical of an enterpreneurial player, with all the benefits of a major-league industrial chocolate player.

Our Promises

Full Product Range

We can offer you the full range of chocolates from liquid to solid, packed in different sizes, and compounds for the ice industry.
Full Product Range

Quality & Food Safety

We supply high quality products from our certified production facility in compliance with recognized international food safety standards.
Quality & Food Safety

Scale Benefits

We can source competitively and offer you a fair market price.
Scale Benefits

Flexibility & Excellence in Customer Service

We put the customer first, our dedicated teams will address your needs quickly.
Flexibility & Excellence in Customer Service

R&D & Innovation

Our experienced R&D team will work with you to identify solutions and create innovative products for your business. Our R&D facility features a state-of-the-art pilot plant equipment, modern analytical devices and sensory panel.
R&D & Innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility

We maintain strict environmental standards within our operations and treat people with dignity and respect. From our suppliers we expect and require the strictest environmental and social awareness.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Product Overview

SCHOKINAG manufactures the full range of chocolates and chocolate couvertures, from liquid to solid, in various sizes, shapes and packaging types, as well as liquid compounds. We supply high quality and safe products from our IFS certified production facility in compliance with recognized international food safety standards.
One of our strengths is our flexibility and in addition to our standard range of chocolates we also develop recipes to our customers’ precise specifications.  

Liquid Chocolates

Chocolate Specialties


Chocolate Chips & Chunks

SCHOKINAG CHIPS for remelting make the processing of chocolate simpler: easy to dose, quick melting, exact tempering. SCHOKINAG CHIPS for baking into cakes and biscuits as well as CHIPS for decoration are available in sizes of 800 to 22,000 count/kg. SCHOKINAG CHUNKS are added as inclusions in the Bakery and Biscuit Industries. From small to large chunks, domed, flat and even mixed in dark, milk and white chocolate – just imagine the new possibilities and applications for our chocolate chunks.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Couverture
Min. 70% cocoa solids. Pronounced bitter chocolate, with a beautifully proportioned harmony and pleasant aftertaste of subtle red fruits
Dark Chocolate Couverture
Min. 68% cocoa solids. Bold but well rounded taste. A fluid chocolate couverture. Rich, dark color. Pleasantly contrasting to very sweet centres. For thin enrobing
Dark Chocolate Couverture
Min. 60% cocoa solids. Bitter chocolate with a strong cocoa taste and floral tones. For thick enrobing and moulding applications
Dark Chocolate Couverture
Min. 58% cocoa solids. All time favourite among our bitter-sweet range. Classical continental chocolate flavour with multipurpose viscosity. Ideal for enrobing, hand dipping and figure moulding. Your solution to balancing the flavour of your products.
Dark Chocolate Couverture
Min. 53% cocoa solids. Well-balanced and rounded dark chocolate with a soft bitter chocolate note that will serve all of your needs.
Dark Chocolate (Bakestable)
Min. 50% cocoa solids. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available from 2,200 to 22,000 count/kg as well as in chunks.
Dark Chocolate Couverture
Min. 44% cocoa solids. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available from 2,200 to 22,000 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate (Bakestable)
M 27
Min. 30% cocoa solids. Milk chocolate with a rich cocoa taste. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available in 4000 and 7500 count/kg as well as in chunks.
Milk Chocolate
VM 35/10
Min. 34% cocoa solids. Creamy chocolate, with a touch of caramel, soft cocoa and a subtle sweetness in a light teak brown colour profile.
Milk Chocolate
VM 36
Min. 34% cocoa solids. Finest milk chocolate, composed with a pronounced milk profile and a serene cocoa finish.
Milk Chocolate
VM 38/20
Min. 37% cocoa solids. Rich milk chocolate, with a high cocoa butter and milk content. Smooth texture and perfect rheology. Universal applications: figure and solid moulding as well as enrobing.

White Chocolate

White Chocolate (Bakestable)
Intense milk taste with a pleasant bourbon vanilla touch. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking as well as hollow figures, tablets and filled bars. Available in 4000 and 7500/kg and chunks.
White Chocolate
A balanced harmony of milk and natural vanilla, offering a pleasant sweetness with floral tones. Very good rheology. Ideal for enrobing, figure and solid moulding.

Liquid Chocolates

SCHOKINAG offers an extensive range of chocolates and chocolate couvertures in batches from 6 to 24 MT. We work closely with you to create and adapt tailor-made recipes according to changing requirements, such as optimization of cost, specification requirements and consumer behavior. There are many options for chocolate applications. Dark, milk and white chocolates with the rheology, particle size and chocolate flavour you desire. Let us customize a product that meets your needs.

Apart from our innovations we also invite you for co-innovation projects into our R&D facility to jointly use our state-of-the-art pilot plant equipment, modern analytical devices and sensory panel.
Chocolates with a cocoa content from 25% up to 85% for dark and milk and from 20% min. for white
Chocolates and chocolate couvertures for enrobing, moulding, panning/spinning, topping
Chocolates for ice cream applications
Dark and milk ice cream compounds (made with coconut oil, CBE and other fats than cocoa butter)
Single origin chocolates
Certified chocolates: Kosher Dairy, HALAL, Fairtrade Mass Balance, UTZ Mass Balance, Rainforest Alliance Segregated

Chocolate Specialities

Today’s consumers want “ready to eat” indulgent products that are prepared from the finest ingredients. SCHOKINAG offers an exciting range of chocolate decorations such as curls, shavings, spaghetti as well as microchips at 150,000/kg which are easy to use and immediately provide the desired quality finish and visual appeal. Chocolate innovation and chocolate taste – a winning combination every time.
Shavings dark, milk, white, multicoloured, Caramel
Curls dark, milk, white, multicoloured, caramel, strawberry, orange, in various sizes
Cigarettes dark, milk, white, duo
Fanderol dark, milk, white, duo in various sizes
Spaghetti dark, milk, white
Microchips 150.000/kg dark, milk, white, Caramel
Mixed chips and chunks dark/milk/white
Chunks are available in sizes of 5×5 mm to 10×10 mm length and width and 3-5 mm height. New innovation on request.

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